Sunday, October 15, 2006

Matlock Illuminations

Yesterday we went to Matlock Bath to see the Illuminations. It was really busy when we arrived and had to park in Matlock and walk into Matlock Bath. Before we walked into Matlock bath we had a picnic in the car, me and Ethan had been shopping earlier and bought everything. It didn't take us too long to walk in and it was quite a nice walk. We had a little walk round and got Ethan a little light up toy and went to stand by the river. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the boat parade as us, along we hundreds of other people were in the wrong place, apparently it no longer comes up the river. We did however see the fireworks a little later on which were great and Ethan loved them. Here are some photos from Matlock Bath, as you can see Ethan was shattered by the end of the night.

Yesterday morning Ethan had his last dancing practice before the show next week. He also did the show dance in his private lesson too so hopefully that will have helped - just hope he dances on the night!

Today Ethan has been to his cousins 6th birthday party and had a fab time. With his late night last night I don't know where he gets all his energy from.

Here is a layout (click to enlarge) I have finally finished using the Pencil Lines sketch. My first attempt just wasn't flowing so I changed photos and really enjoyed doing it. It's not a great photo of the layout as I've had to use the flash!


Katy said...

Great layout, love the way you've used the sketch. :)

Looks like you had a good time in Matlock, fab photos.

Ann(i)e said...

So happy you got the sketch to work for you!! The result is great!!
Number two is up if you have time for a play

Suzanne said...

oh could have told you about the boats as we did exactly the same thing last year! In the end we crossed over the river and the kids were in the little park there, we got a great view of the fireworks away from the hoards!

Love your page Lisa too, I can't use sketches for love nor money (though would try harder if money was really involved :D )