Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Haven't stopped....

I feel as though I haven't stopped all day. Took Ethan to nursery this morning as usual and planned to come home and not do very much as I'm still feeling a little ill. Instead though I cleared the rubbish, hoovered and dusted my car - for the first time ever as John usually does this for me when he gets fed up of the mess LOL Then as I already had the hoover out thought I might as well hoover the house - well downstairs and then sorted the kitchen and dishwasher out.

After picking Ethan up from nursery we went to a local play area, Cyril's Nut Hut and picked Ethan's friend Liam and his Mum up on the way. They have both been so excited about going since we told them yesterday and Ethan has been saying "we're going to Cyril's Hut Nut with Liam aren't we" - I have spelt it right :) They had a great time running around there together and we had lunch too (photo is of Ethan having his lunch at Cyril's Nut Hut).

Unfortunately one thing did spoil the afternoon - there was a lady and her son sitting in front of us and at one point she seemed to be telling Liam off (I really have a thing about other people telling your child off - it is not on), his Mum went straight over but couldn't really figure out what had gone on. Over the next hour or so it became clear that the little boy kept coming over to his Mum and saying that boy/girl just hit me and she got up a number of times and seemed to "have a word" with a few people!!! Anyway apart from that it was a lovely afternoon and a nice change being able to sit and chat whilst the children play.

Back at home Ethan was very tired and has not been the easiest child this afternoon - he is tucked up in bed now though.

I have started the 21dayjournal today that Rhonna Farrer has started on her blog. Have done the first 3 days today as I started a little late and have enjoyed it. Although I am struggling with the whole doodling, art thing, I am going to stick with it though and hopefully by the end of it I'll have found my style!

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Katy said...

Sounds like you had a good time at Cyril's! Glad Ethan got a good run around. Hope you are feeling better very soon. I'm off to have a quite look at Rhonna's blog to see what this challenge is about, not that I've got time to do it you understand!! Look forward to seeing what you've done though.