Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm back!

Well I think it's about time I got this blog up and running again.

It's been a busy day today and the postman has been good to me today. I've had my Catslife stamps delivered which are just fab and with a few extras thrown in :) and also had a very early birthday present form my Auntie in America. I'm being very good though and John is taking it and it will reappear on my birthday next month. Ethan also had a few things in the post today, a new game for his Vsmile and the Madagasgar DVD, which was a bargain at £5.89 from Amazon Jersey.

Ethan also had a friend to play this afternoon, they had lunch then both played on their Vsmiles whilst me and his Mum had a chat. They played so well together and had a great afternoon. It was then off to see a friend who had baby girl a few weeks ago, she was gorgeous with LOTS of hair. On the way back we stopped at Toys 'R' us for a case for Ethan's pocket Vsmile. He only got it at the weekend so want to avoid as many scratches etc as possible.

Me and John have also been talking about our planned trip to America at the end of the year. We had originally thought we would go the end of October over the school holidays or over Thanksgiving. After chatting tonight though we may go over Christmas, it would be such a great experience and lovely to see all the New York decorations. We'll have to see what happens and check that my Auntie will have us stay over Christmas time.

Off to get something to eat and then have play with my new stamps.

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