Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's booked

It's booked and we're all so excited but now have to wait 9 months We fly out on the 16th December and arrive back on 3rd January. We will stay with my family over there in Virginia for most of the time but will visit New York, Washington DC and other places. I spoke to my Auntie earlier and we're already making plans about what I can bring over, especially English food, chocolate, selection boxes, Christmas pudding etc. Some friends might be out in America for Christmas too in New York which would be great. Once we know if and when they are going we will book our hotel in New York and hopefully we will be able to meet up with them.

We are flying with British Airways and their site is great, you can go into manage your booking and book seats, meals and sort allsorts of stuff out. I really must stay away for now though as it is 9 months before we go.

We have started to tell family we are going, so far everyone is really happy for us if not a bit surprised. They really are going to miss Ethan at Christmas time but we may never get this opportunity again and Etahn will just love spending Christmas with other children - his cousins. One thing I will miss at Christmas is my Grandma and Grandad's Boxing Day party, it's a real shame and I feel a little sad about it as all the family comes and is usually the only time each year we get together. I think we will have a party of our own in America and play the traditional Boxing Day game the American way!

I have been up and down all night with a cold, OI hate having a blocked nose and feeling like this, hopefully it won't get any worse and go soon.

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