Monday, March 27, 2006

Very Excited

Very excited tonight. We are booking our holiday to America tonight, just waiting for my Auntie to call back to double check dates. Although she has already said to go ahead and book but I like to check, and we'll be booking. We are going over Christmas and have been searching out flights for the past week. We had pretty much decided to fly by US Airways to Philadelphia and drive down to my Auntie's as we managed to get the flights about £500 cheaper by doing that. Today though I went back onto British Airways and have found flights cheaper again and to Washington DC so closer to my Auntie. So will update later when they are booked.

Ethan seemed to have a miraculous recovery when he woke up this morning. I really thought I would have to take the morning off and probably visit the doctors. He went off to nursery and to the childminder's and has been fine all day, although he keeps saying he needs medicine (Calpal) to make him better!!!

Off work for the rest of the week using up the rest of my annual leave before the end of this month. Will be nice to have another nearly full week (I did the same last week) of taking and picking Ethan up from nursery and spending the afternoons with him. Will try and get another one of his friends round to play at some point too.

Will post with news about America soon.


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