Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feeling worse

My cold seems to be getting worse rather than better, felt so drained this morning. I had arranged to meet my friend Jane for a coffee at Starbuck's this morning and decided to still go hoping getting out of the house would help make me feel better. It was great to catch up on our own and have a chat - no children in sight. The morning flew by and just got home with five minutes to spare before walking to pick Ethan up from nursery.

I needed (wanted) a few bits from the shops and had to go and feed a friends cats so thought I'd get it all done in one outing and then I could come home and relax with Ethan. Got some stationary bits from Staples and a Jiffy bag to send some things over to my Auntie in America. Also got a couple of Sakura glaze pens for the 21 day journal and also for a book/journal I'm starting of the run up to our holiday in America at the end of the year. I'm really looking forward to doing it and going to include all the booking things, seating plans on the plane, to do lists, places to visit etc, I will add some photos soon. I also ordered some of my fave pens, Sakura lightening Gelly roll pens, I love these pens and have only ever been able to get them sent from America but found some from eBay and they should arrive tomorrow - I hope so cause the green and blue have ran out.

So not a very exciting day today, off to do some more in my America journal and have a look at today's quote for the 21 day journal - think I may do it tomorrow though.

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