Friday, March 24, 2006

Busy few days

Yesterday I helped at Ethan's nursery, it seemed to really drag and was a very long two and a half hours. They had a school nurse in to talk about nut allergys to the children as one of the children has a nut allergy. It was a very bad talk and was not child friendly at all, she seem to have have just got some infomation my a book or the internet, wrote it out and read from it - I could have done better!!! Just hoping Ethan isn't even more confused about it all than he already is.

After nursery we went over to my friends for lunch, we always meet on a Thursday at one and others houses. Ethan used to play with her little girl but she has started school now so is not usually around when we visit, except for school holidays and if we stay for tea. Ethan manages to occupy himself with all her toys and her older brothers toys plus he'll bring toys down that we can play with him.

It's been like a nursery at home today. Ethan went to nursery this morning as usual and I picked him and his friend up later. After eating lunch they had a great afternoon playing and another friend joined us later! Three four year old boys running riot round the house, you should see his bedroom.

I also finished a scrapbook page of Ethan when he was 18months old with two of his friends. I'm trying to catch up and layouts of when Ethan was younger to complete those scrapbooks. Ethan's scrapbook from his 4th birthday onwards is pretty much up to date apart from acouple that need doing, but I now have the photos developed to get on with those.

Going to relax tonight with a takaway pizza, and scrapbook whilst watching American Idol. That's if Ethan will let me as he hasn't been very well and I think he may have croup, that's what it sounded like yesterday anyway. It seems worse today as the days gone on but more of a chesty now, oh well lets hope he improves over the weekend.


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