Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's been a strange day today. Ethan is still not well and think it will be a trip to the doctors on Monday if there is no improvement. His cough sounds so bad and is on calpal to get his temperature down.

I went shopping this morning, nothing exciting just a bra, pair of jeans, and a present for a 40th wedding anniversary party we are going to tonight. I've had a headache all day so just hope it goes before tonight.

I also got a southeast American road map for our planned trip to Virginia at Christmas. We are playing around with flights and the possibility of flying into various airports then driving to Virginia, which helps bring the cost down. At the moment we are thinking that flying into Philadelphia might be a good option as we are wanting to have a few days in New York so could do that either end of the holiday as it's not too far.

Going to go and chill out and have something to eat.


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