Sunday, June 25, 2006

Busy again

I need to try and remember what I have been up to since I last blogged.

I nipped to Hobbyhorse at the end of last week to get a few things including Junes Creating Keepsakes magazine that I hadn't managed to get hold of yet. I also ordered July's Creating Keepsakes magazine and two mini lunch tins from Papermaze for Ethan's teachers when he leaves in July.

On Friday a few of the Mum's from nursery popped round for a coffee which was really nice. It made a nice change from coming home and cleaning etc. In the afternoon me and Ethan had a check up at the dentist which Ethan quite enjoys. Before we went in we were deciding who would go first and Ethan said he wanted to and I could go first next time!!!

Yesterday (Saturday) was a very busy day and started as usual with Ethan going dancing. Today though he had his first private lesson after his normal ones. He did really well learning a little routine and has been doing it at home since and is remembering the first part of the routine - I'm remembering the rest. After dancing we went to pick up Christina and went to do some shopping as she needed to get a baby book for her sister's baby shower.

Ethan then a had a party in the afternoon and we picked up one of Ethan's friend on the way. He had a lovely time playing on the bouncy castle and watching the magician, he even got to help bend a balloon in half as the magician couldn't do it!!!

Today I have been to my best friends sisters baby shower. It was a great afternoon and a nice surprise for her as she didn't know. She got some lovely gifts and we had a great time playing games. One of them I won - you started with a necklace in either blue or pink depending on if you thought it would be a girl or boy and if you saw somebody folding their arms or crossing their legs you had to take theirs off them.

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