Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Having a lovely relaxing day today which is nice - although John isn't as he's back working on the bathroom. We have a plasterer coming in just under two weeks to plaster the entire bathroom so it has to be ready for then and there is still loads to do. Here is the latest photo of the bathroom and they'll be another later as John is taking the toilet apart so he can put lateral restraints in - a bucket a water is what we'll be using to flush the toilet as from this evening!!!

We have just been to John's Mum and Dad's to give John's Dad his Father's Day card and present. In the end I made another mini book with more photos from their 50th wedding anniversary meal that I found on John's Mum's camera. I had been asking John all week for ideas for his Dad but I never got any. Thankfully he loved it and it has been added to the mini book I did John's Mum for her birthday so makes one big mini book now.

Just waiting for my Dad to get back from a weekend at the caravan then I can nip round with his card and present.

Ethan gave John his Father's Day cards and present this morning. He made a card at nursery and also one with me and he did all the writing himself. Ethan chose a t-shirt and some 3/4 length trousers for John's Father's Day presents, with a little help from me! John has always been unsure of 3/4 length trousers and when I saw these I thought I would get them so he try some on as I could have easily taken them back. They look great on and although John's still not sure I think he quite likes them. We did have to take the t-shirt back though as it was far too short and the bigger size would have been too wide, Ethan was a little upset as it had an England design on it. So we exchanged it for some trousers as John really needed some more as all his trousers seem to be turning into work trousers!!

Yesterday was a really busy day and it started as usual with Ethan going dancing. Today though John came along too which Ethan was really excited about as John hasn't been yet to watch him. Ethan is really enjoying the first class at the moment which is gym, he does all the stretches, roly polys, hand stands etc. I'm also hoping to get Ethan a private lesson sorted, they think they can squeeze him in just before or after his other lessons so lets hope so. I think it will really help him with his stretches etc and to start learning a little routine as he has shown an interest for doing competitions - well winning a trophy like I did at Butlins but bigger.

After dancing we went to my Grandma and Grandad's for lunch and to sort out arrangements for Wednesday. On Wednesday morning I am taking them to the airport as they are off to America to visit my Auntie (their daughter). They just wanted everything checking and making sure they had everything ready. I wrote out the luggage tags for them, made sure they had all the relevant documents and they had new passports so the stickers etc needed taking off them and emergency contact details writing in. So they are all set now apart from packing the rest of their cases and I'll be picking them up at 7:30am. Whilst we were there Ethan managed to fall in their pond. We never let him in their garden without one of us is with him so John was right next to him and pulled him out. Just shows you how easy it is as he was only running towards it and tripped. He was wet through and we had to go straight home - we were going to do the food shopping on the way back!

Once we had gone home and got Ethan changed we got the food shopping out of the way and also nipped to Costco. Ethan has a nursery trip on Wednesday and has to take a pack lunch but I didn't have a good lunch box for him. So as he will be needing one for when he starts school in September I thought I'd buy it now and he can use it for the trip. I had seen some in Costco a few weeks ago that had the ice packs etc in and thought that would be ideal as it will keep things like yogurt's etc cool. It also comes with a drinks bottle and the inside can be taken off and washed so will be perfect.

Katy then popped over with Olivia for half an hour. Ethan and Olivia played outside whilst me and Katy chatted and looked at each others layouts etc. I also gave Katy Phoebe's first birthday present which is the main reason they were visiting Nottingham.

Friday was a fairly busy day too and I had to have a filling in the morning after I had dropped Ethan off at nursery. It wasn't too bad and even the needle didn't really hurt and it's all sorted now. Liam and Donna came round after nursery and Ethan and Liam had a great time playing in the garden.

When John got home from work it was straight round to his Mum and Dad's as it was his Mum's birthday. She loved the mini book I made and the handmade cards too so that was nice. Ethan ate far too much chocolate cake whilst we were there but had a lovely time!

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