Wednesday, June 21, 2006


For some reason these photos wouldn't upload onto the Father's Day post as I had wanted them too, so here they are.

Here is Ethan in his Nottingham Forest football strip on Friday. At nursery they could wear it on that day as England are doing so well and we also took in an item that can be used for the tombolla at the summer fete.

Here is the latest photo of the bathroom. It's not a great photo as it was very difficult to get a good angle with all the rubble etc. We are now flushing the toilet with a bucket of water and the sink will be out of action from the weekend. The plasterer then comes in after the weekend and then John will have the first week in July off to get as much of the bathroom done as possible.

Here is the lunch box we got Ethan ready for school. We have used it for the nursery trip today and it is great. The ice pack that you put inside kept everything cold so it will be fantastic for putting his lunch in once he starts school in September.

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Kathy said...

Love the house photos....the bathroom and the floor board shot reminded me of how we lived in our house in Ickenham for so long. I have pictures of DH dangling from the rafters after we took the landing ceiling down, and couldn't see the stairs for all the rubble. I wondered how it would ever be habitable again....but it was, and was well worth it. Shame we were only there for 12 months after we completed everything to enjoy all our hard work!