Sunday, June 11, 2006

John's Birthday

It's John's birthday today and we couldn't have asked for nicer weather for it. John had insisted that I got him nothing for his birthday as we are saving for America but I had other ideas. After lots emails and telephone conversations with my Auntie I have booked John a helicopter ride over New York when we visit there at Christmas. It's called The Big Apple Tour and you can see it here. Me and Ethan will hopefully join him but we will decide nearer the time.

This morning we have done a little shopping as there were a few things I forgot from shopping yesterday and we also needed a few other bits for the BBQ this evening. We then went to Costco and got some taped for the camcorder, a bargain at 12 for £16 - we usually pay around £8 for 2. We also got John a birthday cake from Costco, they are such good value at £10 but a little too sickly for me. Here is John with his cake, it had bee cut seconds after this photo was taken!

Ethan has been out in his paddling pool again today and John has joined him. He has had so much fun this weekend in the paddling pool and garden but he is exhausted. As you can see he fell so sleep in the dingy as it was floating in the paddling pool!

We have had lots of visitors today with it being John's birthday. My Dad popped round this morning with cards and then John's brother nipped round with cards too. My Grandma, Grandad and Auntie popped round then and stopped for drink and chat. Grandma and Grandad had forgotten John's birthday so they came with cake and chocolate to make it up to him LOL John's Mum, Dad and other brother, Nathan are coming round now so no doubt they'll have some pressies etc.

Then it will be BBQ time and Gareth and Christina will be joining us for that which will be nice.

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