Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nursery trip

It's been such a busy day today and I'm so tired. I took my Grandma and Grandad to the airport this morning as they are off to America to see my Auntie. We made it there in good time and there were no cues for check in. Once they had checked in I filled out the immigration and customs forms out for them so they wouldn't be worrying and not have to do them on the plane. I then saw them up to the departure lounge and they went in to wait for boarding - they had plenty of time, about an hour and a half.

I was parked in the car park for about 40 minutes and it coast me £3.60, it is such a rip off and really annoys me that NCP charge so much - can you imagine the profit they make! I had a good journey back and was at Ethan's nursery trip at Ferry Farm an hour later. It's been a lovely day at the farm and Ethan has really enjoyed it although very excited and full of energy! Here are some photos from today

Nothing much has happened since I last posted just the whole build up to the school trip and taking Grandma and Grandad to the airport today. It looks like there are going to be more changes at work with staff moving bases etc. Hopefully I won't be moving but we may end up having some other health visitors sharing our room or based in the same building, will just have to wait and see. Almost forgot, we did go and order a shower cubicle on Monday for the bathroom. They didn't have the one in stock that we wanted so have ordered it in and still got the 15% off that was being advertised. Just the floor and wall tiles, radiator/towel rail, shower and accessories to buy now and maybe under floor heating.

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