Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fun in the sun

I will upload some more later, it's running a little slow at the moment.

Here are some photos from earlier today. Ethan had a great afternoon playing in his paddling pool and dingy. He loved jumping in from his trampoline and relaxing in the dingy in there. John and my Dad joined him after the football and you wouldn't know who was the child. Had a BBQ after which was lovely and looking forward to another one tomorrow.

Earlier today Ethan went dancing and he did really well, especially in the first session - gym. He tried so hard at his roly polys and doing them through hoops too, also jumping, balancing and his stretches. On the way home I did the food shopping and got some photos developed to complete a few mini albums - I will upload them soon.

I went over to my friend Jane's on Thursday for lunch and Ethan had a fab time playing in her paddling pool she'd set up for him. Another of Jane's friends popped round later and Ethan enjoyed playing with her little girl in the paddling pool and on the trampoline.

On Friday after picking Ethan up from nursery we went shopping to get a few bits including something for John's birthday on Sunday and something for my hayfever which has been really bad this week. We then went over to Next and I ordered Ethan some flip flops, got him some summer sandal's and bought myself a dress. I can never get dresses to fit me so was so pleased when this fit and looked ok - it can also be worn over jeans so should get plenty of use out of it.

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Doha Diary said...

WOW - like the pool Lisa - looks like the boys had good fun!