Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mini book

I did this mini book this afternoon for my mother in laws birthday tomorrow. The photos inside are from her and my father in laws 50th wedding anniversary in April - can't show the inside pages as it includes other family members. It came together really easily and quickly and I'm really pleased with finished book. She is quite crafty so sure she will love and appreciate it.

Anyway back to everything else I've been up to. Yesterday afternoon I went shopping with Ethan after I had finished work. Ethan was really hard work and didn't behave himself at all and as a result we didn't go and collect his flip flops we had ordered - not that he was bothered!!! I managed to get John's and my Dad's father's day presents sorted so that's a good job out of the way, just John's Dad now but I'm getting no help from John!

Today has been a busy day and I spent the morning getting chores etc done. The first part of the morning was spent cleaning up and getting washing sorted. Then I went to collect Ethan's flip flops and get a few bits from Sainsbury's for lunch. After picking Ethan up from nursery Jane came round for the afternoon and we were able to have a good chat and catch up.

Ethan picked the first strawberry from our strawberry patch today. He has had his eye on it for a few days as he had noticed it had started to go red. Unfortunately we won't get many strawberry's this year as it takes a few years for them to 'mature' but it'll be worth the wait.

I also got a letter from Ethan's nursery today with all his school visits on, who his teacher will be and when parents can go in etc. It's suddenly feeling very real and close, I think it is only 5 weeks until he breaks up for the summer holidays. It will be very strange when he starts school and we no longer have our afternoons together. At least I will be able to take and pick him up from school though so will still have plenty of time with him and of course there is still the holidays. Thankfully it all seems to have gone smoothly being able to reduce and change my hours at work to fit them around Ethan's school times.

ENGLAND WON the football. Great game and even Ethan enjoyed watching the second half - he came and told me Daddy wanted the white ones (white shirts) to win and is that who I wanted to win, he will learn!

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Gorgeous, gorgeous album - love the way it opens - might have to try one like that :)