Monday, June 05, 2006


Well I'm back from the dancing competition at Butlins and we won the adult team. We were all so excited and jumping up and down when we got 1st place. There were 6 teams altogether so we did so well to win. Some of the other team members came up to us and said how good they thought we were and how they'd not seen anything like that before - we did Riverdance and it's usually disco/street dancing. It was really nice of the other team members to say these things and shows we all did it for fun and enjoyed it. I had a fab time doing the dance but at one point couldn't hear the music the crowd were clapping and shouting so much. When we collected the trophies all the team wore t-shirts our dance teacher had made for us saying -
Karen passed away last year and it has not been the same without her. She was always part of the team and the most energetic one too, making all the jokes. She was a great friend and is sadly missed at dancing - what a great tribute to her winning this.

Anyway I'm ahead of myself and it has been a while since I posted on here. Friday morning was very busy trying to get packed and I had all my ironing to do. I dropped Ethan off at his Nan and Grandad's then went to Mansfield to picked Joy and Clare up. We arrived about 5:30/6pm at Butlins but it took us a while to get to the chalet as we had to check in. Some others we were sharing the chalet with had checked in before us so had the keys. When we got to the chalet though they weren't there and they weren't answering their mobiles. Anyway we finally got in and it was not the best of chalets and one less bedroom than we were expecting. Three people ended up sleeping in the lounge which was not ideal as it was quite small and not very clean and modern. We went out that night with lots of the women/Mum's from the dance school and had a fab night. I only had a couple of drinks unlike others as I didn't want to spoil the weekend.

The next morning we were up and ready early and over to the dance hall ready for the competition to start. The first event was all 17 dance schools each coming onto the floor for one minute and doing a little routine, me and Joy stood at the back holding a banner with the dance schools name on. For the rest of the day I watched all the children take part in the solo disco, street pairs and slow solo. It was great watching everyone and they all did so well.

It was then back to the chalet for something to eat and then back to the dance hall for the Supreme disco solo (very similar to the disco solo during the day but some extra prizes for 1st place). It was a great evening and a member of our dance school won the over 16's section. We then went out for a quick drink before coming back to the chalet.

It was a very hectic morning yesterday as I had to get all my things ready for the team Riverdance. The day before I could just take my handbag but I had to make sure I had everything with me. During the morning I watched the solo street dance, slow pairs and disco pairs which again was great to watch and lots from our school got to the finals. It was then time for the adult and child section which I had been volunteered to do with Lauren. We made up a little disco routine and I had feathers in my hair and some of Lauren's arm bands from the costume she was wearing. I had such fun doing this as it is ages since I've danced like that but I was REALLY out of breath by the end. Lots of people said how good I'd danced and that they hadn't realized I was so good :) and that we would get through the next round. Unfortunately we didn't get through to the next round which I thought we wouldn't but was disappointed for Lauren. They really really looking for the Dad's partnering their daughters and wearing outrageous outfits - which lots did. It was then the rock and roll and over 25's pairs street dance and child teams which was really fun to watch especially all the effort some of the street pairs went to.

We then did the adult teams and we were the third team to dance. I was a little nervous stood waiting but excited about doing it at the same time. I was just really worried about going wrong and just wanted it to go well. Luckily it went really well and I didn't go wrong - the rest you already know.

I then had to get changed, get back to the chalet and get all my things packed. Before I could leave we were having a photo with all the dance school and trophies that we'd won. I finally left about 8:30pm and got home about 10:30pm. I got straight in the bath when I got home and tried to get as much of the make up and glitter off as I could but that was easier said than done and I can still see bits of glitter on now!
I will upload some photos soon.

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