Sunday, July 02, 2006

Been away for a few days

Sorry I've not been around, I've been away at my Mum and Dad's caravan since Wednesday and didn't get chance to post before I went.

After finishing work on Wednesday I came home, finished packing and we were off - me, Ethan and my sister, stopping off for a few bits and a Subway first. We met my Mum and Dad at the caravan although my Dad then came home as he had work for the rest of the week.

On Thursday we went into Skegness to do a bit of shopping and we had lunch their too which was really nice. On the way back to the caravan we went strawberry picking which was lovely and we picked loads - Ethan loves strawberry picking and eating them after! In the evening we went out for an hour so Ethan could go on a few of the rides and we won some England things which Ethan was really excited about.

We had a lovely walk to Fantasy Island on Friday and had a walk around the market there. There is also a new little complex with some shops etc so we had a look round there too - every year there are changes and new buildings and caravan sites popping up. Ethan and my sister went on one of the rides in Fantasy Island which Ethan had been looking for and kept asking - "when am I going to go on a ride." We then had a lovely walk back along the beach and chilled out at the caravan for the rest of the day. In the evening John and Dad joined us and bought fish and chips with them.

Saturday was such a great day and we had a lovely walk to the boating lake and went on the motor boats and slide. As you can see form the photos Ethan loved it especially racing me, my sister and my Mum. We then had a walk to Chapel along the beach and had an all day breakfast for lunch and went in a few of the shops there. In the evening me and John went for a meal which was really nice.

Sunday was mainly spent getting ready to go home and packing. We did manage to go strawberry picking again but took John and Dad with us this time. It was then time to go as we needed to be back in Nottingham to order the bathroom tiles before the shop closed.

Over the few days we were there I managed to get 6 layouts done, I'm really pleased with them especially considering the amount of stash I was able to take with me - not much!!!

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Doha Diary said...

Scrapping in a caravan - how on early did you manage that!!!!