Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Times running away

It's been a busy week and have been trying to find the time to update! On Sunday we went to Katy's house to help them with boxes etc. John and Martin were very busy putting boxes in the loft, putting furniture together, getting the garden sorted etc. Me and Katy went shopping with the children for a few things that she needed. We stopped for McDonald's whilst we were out which we all enjoyed! Once back the children played in the garden all afternoon whilst we got other things done. We then had some dinner which we had bought with us so that was really nice. We had a lovely day even though it was a "working" visit and can't wait to go again when everything is sorted and can see all the new things and scrapping area :) We arrived home around 8pm and the journey was great with no traffic.

It was back at work on Monday and I felt so tired. It was quite a busy day at work so that kept me going through the day. I didn't really do much just relaxed, enjoyed a chow main John had cooked and watched tv.

Tuesday was very busy at work and I was glad to get home by the end of the day. Once I picked Ethan up I had to go to the Post Office to get a long over due parcel sent off. It was then time for dancing later on which I felt far too tired for but went as Skegness is getting closer and we really need the practice for the Riverdance.

I was glad to finish work for the week today. I had to get home for 2pm picking Ethan up on the way. We had some guys coming round from the insurance company to look at the work that they will be completing in about a months time when the movement monitoring is complete. As soon as they had gone me and Ethan went for a walk down the river and canal. We stopped off at the shop first for an ice cream then ate them as we walked to the weir field. We walked along the path that runs by the side of the river and it was just so peaceful and sunny. We saw a heron and swans along the way and Ethan found a golf ball. It seemed so long since I'd done this walk yet it minutes from my house and where I grew up. I thing you sometimes take for granted what you have on your doorstep and I will not in the future we had such a lovely afternoon. On the way back we walked past the park and Ethan played their for a while before we walked the rest of the way home. On John's way home from work he picked up all the essentials for a BBQ and that's what we had for tea. There is nothing better than sitting out in the garden on a summers evening with a glass of wine and a BBQ.

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