Saturday, May 06, 2006

Back down to earth!!!

Ethan let us all sleep in this morning and didn't wake up till 8:00am - I slept in a little longer. We had bacon sandwiches for breakfast this morning outside which was lovely. We sat watch the birds at the feeder that's on our apple tree, it was so peaceful out there. I then went into town shopping with Ethan to get a few bits, birthday card for the party Ethan had, new house present, new baby boy present, some clothes for Ethan and a few other bits including some handbags. Ethan helped choose some of the things and chose himself some socks as he hasn't got many - well he has they're just all odd. On the way back I treated Ethan to an ice cream, vanilla and strawberry whippy with sprinkles - he loved it. We got home just in time for John to get Ethan ready whilst I wrapped the presents then Ethan wrote the card out.

Ethan had a lovely time at the party which I ended up staying at as there were a lot of children and holes in fences outside where the children's play area was. He really enjoyed the magician that came so I think that's Ethan's birthday party sorted this year! It had started to rain during the magician's act so this spell of lovely weather didn't last long.

After the party we went shopping at Tesco, nothing exciting just the usually weekly shop. Then that was the day gone, Ethan in bed, we had our tea then getting things ready for tomorrow and Monday. Back to Katy's tomorrow to help, we're taking tea with us for everyone so that'll save cooking tomorrow.

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