Thursday, May 25, 2006

Well I've finished work for the week, well I did yesterday lunch time. It has been as busy as ever and my work has now changed slightly for the next few months or so. I will be working with a different Health Visitor one day a week but still at the same Health Centre. It should be challenge and I'll have a lot to get stuck into but still working at two separate Health Centres.

I have had two practices again at dancing this week so I'm really looking forward to relaxing tonight. My feet are really aching after doing Riverdance for the past two nights. We now have one more practice left which is next Tuesday and it will be a dress rehearsal. We haven't seen our outfits yet but it consists of a black skirt, long black sleeve top, sash, wig, hand band, tights etc.

Our plumber came round yesterday when I got back from work to disconnect the radiator in the bathroom. John can now get on with things in there and get the wall back up between the bathroom and our bedroom - no en-suite then!

This morning I have done some scrapping whilst Ethan was at nursery. I managed to get one layout completed of Ethan with his cousins in America when we went in 2003. I am hoping to get another couple done today as it is so long since I last scrapped - well a few weeks ago at Bonanza, it just feels longer than that.

Also have NTL coming round today to fit digital TV. We don't need it as we have Sky but they had an offer where we would save money on our phone and broadband and the TV was included so we'll have it put it the back room - not that it will ever really get used but as it's free, we'll have it.

Ethan is off nursery tomorrow as it's an inset day. We are going to go to Tesco's in the morning and treat ourselves to breakfast which we haven't done in ages. I then need to visit a friend from work who is not well and take her some flowers from everyone at work. We are also going to friends for lunch and need to try and visit another friend too - busy day I think. I could have done some of the visiting today but NTL are coming between 12pm - 6pm so who knows when they'll turn up.

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