Saturday, May 06, 2006

Manic few days

Where do I start, the last three days have just flown. Thursday was a lovely relaxing day and the weather was just so hot. In the morning I nipped into Beeston to get a few bit and got a coffee from Cafe Nero that has just opened. I then went over to my friend Jane's after picking Ethan up from nursery. We had a lovely afternoon outside chatting and Ethan played on their new trampoline. On the way home I went to a local farm shop to get burgers and sausages and then to Sainsbury's to get cobs, cheese, wine and hamburger relish. When John got home we sat in the garden and had a BBQ and my Mum and Dad joined us. The burgers were pork and apple and huge, they were bigger than the cobs. The sausages were just a selection of what they had and everything was organic and made on site.

Friday I had Katy's three children all day as it was their moving day. All the children had breakfast together here then it was time to get Ethan to nursery. On the way home from there we went for a walk along the canal which was lovely as the weather was sunny again although I was exhausted pushing the pushchair with two children in - you forget what it's like when you haven't used a pushchair for so long. Ethan was having his nursery photos done today and we got to see the photo on the day. It is such a lovely photo of him and we just have to decide what to have now as there are bookmarks, keyrings etc. After lunch the children played outside and Liam came round to have a play too. It was lovely to get outside again and get all the outside toys out. Unfortunately it didn't go quite to plan for Katy and they didn't leave Nottingham till 6pm. We went with them to give them a hand at the other end but before that cooked the left over burgers on the BBQ, got some drinks etc together, waited for John to get home then met them at their old house with it all and followed them.

We got to their new house around 7:30pm and the removal guys arrived not long after. Me and Katy tried to entertain the children and keep them out of the way whilst John, Martin and the three removal guys unloaded the vans. The children were so full of energy though and hard to contain, especially Ethan!!!! I took them out for a walk but that made no difference. Everything was finally in by around 10:30pm and we finished our drinks and left not long after with a "still full of energy Ethan." He was fast asleep within ten minutes though and when we arrived home around midnight he transferred straight into his bed. Needless to say I was straight in bed too.

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