Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So clumsy

After a very busy morning at work I was relieved to get home. A parcel had a arrived for me and luckily a neighbour had taken it in for me. It was my order from Artbase which I didn't expect today with the Bank holiday but it was a very nice surprise. I just love all the bits I got, page protectors, Foofala Going places patterned paper for my America journal, a transparency and some Zig Millennium writers in brown and blue. Can't wait to use them now.

I then met Katy at Crazy Crocs so the children could play together for one last time whilst Katy is still living in Nottingham . We had a lovely afternoon and the children had a great time, we had tea there too. I managed to knock a whole jug of blackcurrent over and it went everywhere I then managed to knock a cup of it over as we were tidying it up after they bought us a new jug - very embarrassing!

We had a builder pop round tonight with a quote for our extension, the guy was really nice and broke down all the costs but it's a little more than we want to pay so we'll see what the others come back with.

I treated Ethan (and John) to an ice cream tonight from the ice cream van. We heard the vans tune and I said to Ethan he could have one if the van came on our round and it did about 5 minutes later!!! As you can see Ethan really enjoyed it and it didn't last long!

Started sorting Ethan's 2-4 year scrapbook album out tonight now I have some more page protectors. I don't think I ordered enough though which is a real pain. Think it will have to wait till next pay day to order more but I can get everything in order and layouts that need doing done before I order more.

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