Sunday, May 21, 2006

No rest

I had quite a nice day Friday, it was busy but relaxing! After dropping Ethan off at nursery I came back and relaxed in front of the TV, it's ages since I've watched day time TV and I really enjoyed it. Ethan came back from nursery with his Bear words and the next one too - Bear words 3. I had asked for the next ones as it is inset day next Friday and half term the following week (they take Bear words in on a Friday) and he is already great with Bear words 2. I don't think his teacher wanted to give them us and put on his sheet that he didn't know all of Bear words 2 (he does) but Ethan said they worked as a group and she never went through any of the Bear words 2 - so who knows! Liam and Donna then came round in afternoon and the boys had a great time. They played great together, most of the time and didn't make a mess. Claire then popped round with Finlay and we had a chat whilst they played for a short while. It's a while since they have seen each other but it was like they'd never been away, we are going round to their house on Friday with it being inset day.

Ethan went dancing on Saturday morning and had a great time as always. He hasn't been the last few weeks for various reasons but it was like he'd never been away. On the way home we went to Grandma and Grandad's to sort their flight times to America as I need to send the details to my Auntie. Ethan was really excited as we were going for dinner and he always helps his Great Grandad and gets a great pudding. The rest of the afternoon was spent in garden watering plants, Ethan practicing riding his bike and he went over to our neighbours to look in her pond. She has loads of tadpoles and frogs in there and her young nephews were round too so Ethan loved it - he has no fear though and he had to be watched very carefully near the pond!!!

Katy also popped round for an hour on Saturday as she was up in Nottingham for the day. The children played outside with John whilst me and Katy chatted with no interruptions!

John spent all of Saturday on the bathroom too so it looks so different again. This time he has been working on the outside wall of the bathroom which is now down to the bricks. It looks so dark and smaller in there now especially as he also blocked off the little window in there to make way for the shower cubicle. Here are the latest photos - Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon, notice the bath has moved position temporarily as well.

Sunday was spent "window" shopping for tiles, a shower cubicle and shower. We didn't really get that far as the shower cubicle we like we don't think we can have as it's not compatible with our heating system. I did find some tiles that I really like though but we now have to decide how much of the bathroom we want tiling. I think it will come down to money though as I think it will be cheaper to tile the whole room then to have the room plastered and then tile part of it.

Ethan had a party in the afternoon of a friend from dancing. He had a lovely time and joined in all the party games and most of the dancers. He also ate lots of party food and loved playing with the balloons.

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michelle said...

sounds as if you have been busy .I would tile it all.