Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Another hot day

Work is so unbearable in this heat, it has been about 34C in our room at work! I have booked tomorrow off because of the heat and it's a really busy week too especially with picking my Grandma and Grandad up from the airport early on Friday. My car is also playing up and I was unable to do some visits at work this afternoon as I really thought it was going to give in on me. I think it probably needs a new gear stick and I'm not surprised after all the miles it's. It's only 3 years old but I've really worked it to the ground!

The plasterer has started on the bathroom and the ceiling is done and he did the preparation work for the walls today. Tomorrow when he comes back he will skim all the walls and John is going to get the outside pipe work done for the toilet whilst the he is here. Then in the afternoon when the plasterer has gone John is going to try his very best to get the toilet in and fully working.

We have just got back from B&Q to get some bits ready for all the work later in the week. It's amazing how little things add up, we just got tile spaces, a few pipe bits, tile trims and bath trims and it came to just under £60. We need to go back for a few other bits including the grout, paint and coving but at least we have most of the bits. We had a look at showers whilst we were there, I'm not impressed at all but I think we have decided on the sort of shower we are going to go for.

We are trying to decide how to do the tile boarder in the bathroom. The original plan was to take the wall tiles up to window level then do a boarder there. We are still going to do this but have decided it would be nice to have another boarder but we can't decide where to put it. It will either be at the bottom of the tiles on the wall or as a boarder around the floor tiles. Both are going to cause us problems, if we do it at the bottom of the wall tiles then the other boarder will be just under or just over window sill level so that wouldn't look as good as if it were level. If we do the boarder around the floor tiles then we have to decide whether we take it round the bath and shower cubicle. They shower cubicle is curved to it would be so difficult to do and involve lots of complex tile cutting but we're not sure if it will look right just around the edges of the wall - so not to take it round the bath and shower cubicle - too many decisions to make!!!

Yesterday evening we got an email from British Airways and they have cancelled our return flight from America. They have rebooked us on a slightly later flight and we leave and arrive from the same airports so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Instead of arriving home on Wednesday night we will now arrive in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Just about to sit down for a takeaway and watch a bit of the football before Big Brother's on. Was going to do some scrapbooking tonight but really feel like relaxing.

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