Sunday, July 09, 2006


Ethan was back at dancing on Saturday after missing last week with being away. Unfortunately his private lesson was cancelled as his dance teacher wasn't well so he was a little disappointed.

I then took Ethan to his Nan and Grandad's whilst John did some work on the bathroom and I went to the Hobbyhorse crop. Managed to complete two layouts one of which was for Ethan's 2-4 year album that I'm trying to finish.

Today we have been looking at cars. We're thinking that now John is going to be promoted that we would upgrade my car. We have not definitely decided that is what we are going to do as I have a perfectly decent 3 year old car at the moment. If all goes to plan though we are thinking of getting a Meriva. I really like the look of this as it would be a great family car and something we wouldn't grow out of. It has some great features but is a lot bigger than I'm used to driving - I really like smaller cars. We are going to test drive one at some point if we decide to go a head and upgrade.

We have spent the afternoon in the garden planting and tiding it up. Things had become quite over grown and weeds popping up everywhere. It is looking a lot better now and the strawberry patch is growing bigger by the day with all the runners from the main plants.

Although we now have a working bath we can't use it as the boiler as packed up and we have no hot water - back to showers at my Mum and Dad's! Hoping to get it sorted in the next few days but will depend how busy the guy who does all our heating stuff for us is.


Miss Sixty said...

My dad's last company car was a Meriva and it was fab - highly recommend it :)

Katy said...

Bummer about the boiler ... know how you feel though and hope you can get it fixed soon. The Meriva looks nice and you'd soon get used to driving a bigger car ... look what I drive!!