Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lovely day

Had a great day today and another lovely sunny day.

I went shopping with Ethan to get some more of his school uniform. I got him some trousers, t-shirts and shorts from John Lewis, they were all such a good price - £10 for them all. I also got him some new trainers as his others had started to come apart and his feet had grown. JohnLewiss had a sale so managed to get some Reebok trainers half price so he now has decent trainers for dancing.

John was doing a 10k run today in Newark. It was really hot but he had fun and did the run in a pretty good time.

Ethan has had a lovely afternoon in the paddling pool and got his new dingy and rubber ring in too. I went in for a little while (paddling) and Ethan had me playing a ball game that got me wet!!!! Here he is chilling out in the paddling pool and cooling off with an ice lolly.


Katy said...

Great pics of Ethan ... wish I could jump in that pool right now, am so hot!!

PS I've been checking your blog and it wasn't showing me the new posts ... not sure why. Just refreshed it and voila!!

Lisa said...

Think that was my fault, pressed save as draft instead of publish and din't realise till today :)