Friday, July 21, 2006

Last day at nursery

It was Ethan's last day at nursery today before he starts school. I went to help and it has been such a lovely morning. The teacher did a little party for all the children as it was her last day in the nursery as she is going to teach the year 1 children from September. All the children made their own sandwiches, party hat and placemat before going out into the playground for a run around. We then went onto the field and had the party food and of course Ethan ate very well - sandwich, crisps, cake biscuits etc.

Once back in the classroom all the children that were leaving sat on chairs at the front and one by one had the leaving song sung to them and blew the candles out on the cake. Ethan gave his teacher her present - I decorated the mini lunch tin then Ethan chose a mini photo frame, 2 candles and a candle holder to go in the tin. Ethan's other teacher was off sick so we have had to leave that for his other teacher to give to her.

Our boiler has broke again this morning so they will be coming out again on Monday to sort it out, we thought it would go again and we were right! If all goes to plan we will have our new electric shower in and working by Sunday. It was delivered today along with the towel radiator and we only ordered them yesterday (Thursday) morning. I'm so pleased with the shower as I really wanted a stainless steel/chrome finish and all we could was a silver plastic finish. I thought that was what this one was going to be like from the photo but it was such a good price we decided to go for it. I've just opened the box and it is the stainless steel/chrome finish I wanted and looks fab, not cheap like some of the others.

Ethan had his last visit at school this week and again had a lovely time. So it'll be full time in September and he'll have to get used to wearing a uniform, staying all day and having lunch at school.


Katy said...

Love your lunch tin ... the card by Ethan on the back looks great. The ribbons look lovely too.

Hope the boiler man can fix it once and for all on Monday ... it's such a pain isn't it? The new shower sounds lovely though, glad it arrived so quickly.

Doha Diary said...

Gorgeous lunchbox Lisa. I want one!!