Thursday, July 13, 2006

Busy, busy.

Life is so busy at the moment with the end of the summer term approaching. Ethan had his second school visit on Tuesday morning and again seemed to really enjoy it. Whilst the children were visiting there was a meeting for the parents. The school nurse came, a dinner lady, school secretary , one of the school governors and the headteacher. They all talked about various things like dinner money, school uniform, health checks etc and we were also given an introduction pack with all the information in. Ethan's teacher then spoke to us just to let us know how things would work the first day and that there would be a further meeting with her the second week back at term.

Yesterday was sports day and Ethan was fab winning bath his races, he tried really hard and was very pleased with himself. The school don't give out places, everyone gets a sticker for taking part which is a great way of doing it and all the children seemed to have fun. Here is Ethan finishing the hat and scarf race - he had to run, put a hat on, run a little more, put a scarf on then run to the finish line. He also did a running race but I only managed to video that race - Ethan loves watching the video back of him and his friends running.

The boiler is still not fixed so I am waiting for a guy to come out from the manufactures today to hopefully sort it out. I really want to be able to have a bath in my own house instead of going round to my Mum and Dad's, it's so inconvenient.

Managed to do a layout last night and just got to finish it off. It's not gone quite as I thought it would but it's another layout to go in Ethan's 2-4 year album.

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