Sunday, July 16, 2006

Boiler troubles

Well the boiler got fixed on Thursday and it was great. We were able to use the bath and have hot water to wash our hands etc. That all changed Friday morning when John got up to run the bath before work - no hot water. The boiler has broke again and the company couldn't come out on Friday to look at it again. They are supposed to be coming tomorrow and I do hope they manage to sort it as I'm really getting fed up with it now - I want to wash in my own home instead of having to go to my parents!

On Friday I helped out at Ethan's nursery, I've been wanting to help for a while but there has always been something happening on my days off. Ethan loves me going into help and did some lovely drawings and writing on Friday. He also get a super star for doing so well with his bear words so he was very proud of himself as we were of him.

Also on Friday I did a little shopping after my hygienist appointment at the dentist. I needed some bits for Ethan's teachers as it's his last day on Friday in nursery. When John got home we enjoyed a fish and chip tea which was lovely and we hadn't had them in ages.

Yesterday was such a busy day but lots of fun. Before dancing I nipped to the hairdresser to get my fringe trimmed as it was really started to get on my nerves and in my eyes. Whilst I was there I booked an appointment for two weeks time to get my hair cut and highlighted. I've never had anything done to my hair apart from cut so this is quite a big step. Then Ethan went dancing and he had a private lesson too, his dance teacher added quite a few new moves to his dance so he has lots to practice.

We then went to visit some friends as it was their younger sons 6th birthday. Ethan had a lovely time playing with him and his older brother on the 12 ft trampoline he got for his birthday. After we went to Jane's and had lunch there and I spent the afternoon chatting with Jane whilst Ethan played with her children. He had a lovely time as he doesn't get to see them much anymore as they are at school.

In the evening we went out for a meal with my Grandma and Grandad. It was their treat to say thank you for taking and picking them up from the airport. They bought Ethan a few presents from America, a t-shirt of a skateboader who was coloured in like the American flag and a little magnetic game. The meal was lovely and Ethan ate every last bit of his pizza, chips, peas and then ice cream.

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