Sunday, July 30, 2006


It's been a busy week and first week of the school holidays. We've had lots of friends visiting, Ethan has spent time at his Nan and Grandad's and had a sleep over at my friend Jane's house - he had such good fun with her children.
As you can see John has been busy with the bathroom and the shower is now working. It's so nice to have a proper shower, something we haven't had since we've been in this house - 11 months!

John also moved the old cast iron bath from the spare room to the garage. As you can see he needed some help and it wasn't that easy getting it down the stairs. Ethan helped though and was giving instructions as to which way they needed to go. They did it though and we now have damaged carpet and stair banister as a result!!!

Here are some recent layouts, I did these a week or two ago and the photos are from June 2006 when we had the paddling pool out. The first one is of Ethan, John and my Dad having fun in the paddling pool and the second one is of Ethan when he fell to sleep whilst playing in the dingy!


Katy said...

The shower looks fab ... love the new gleaming look of it too!! The tiles go really well together ... bet it's so nice for you to be able to shower again!

Lovely layouts, love that pic of Ethan asleep in the dingy and I like how you've layed out the pics in the Pool Fun one. :)

Suzanne said...

Oh the shower looks great I bet you are relieved to have that now you can keep cool much better with cold showers!

Really like the layouts too, great designs.