Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Still no toilet!

Here is a photo of the tile boarder we have chosen. The darker colour is what we are having on the floor and lighter colour is what we are having on the walls - the tiles will be 30cm x 30cm.

Well John tried his best but just couldn't get the toilet in and working tonight. He has done loads today and all the pipe work outside is done and looks great. The plasterer has finished and done a fantastic job and now the walls are ready for painting and tiling. John is going to get the toilet sorted tomorrow morning and then probably try and put the bath in. It would be great if both were done tomorrow and in use.

I took my car into the garage this morning and it needs a new part, it's some sort of ball and socket joint that does the linkage for the gears. The part costs £82 trade price and has been ordered and will have arrived today. It should only take about 30 minutes to fit, I'm just so thankful we know the guy who runs the garage as we'll never get ripped off and always get a good job done. It will then be time for a long over due service in the next few weeks so it's going to be an expensive month.

After getting back from sorting the car out I went for coffee at a friends house. It was great to chill out and have a chat. Just before we were leaving to collect the children from nursery it started to chuck it down with rain so I picked up her little girl as she has a baby.

This afternoon Ethan had his first school visit and his new teacher seems lovely. It went really well and he seemed to really enjoy it. I stayed for a little while and they had one of the classrooms for the parents so they could get a drink. We could also speak with the head if we wanted and ask her any questions - she is such a lovely head teacher. After checking that Ethan was ok I went home along with most of the other parents and came back to fetch him later on. He had made a bookmark and was very intrigued that his teacher is getting married over the school holidays and will have a different name. We've had lots of questions this afternoon on why people get married and who gets married.


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