Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well its been another busy weekend and I'm not sure where the times gone. I was up VERY early on Saturday morning for the Next sale and managed to get a few bargains. I have also been back to two different Next's to get bits for John as he really needed some new clothes and some of the bits I got Saturday morning didn't fit. I got myself a few bits and some things for the kitchen and presents for Christmas - I know it's early but with going to America in the middle of December and not coming back till January I need to be extra organised.

Ethan went dancing on Saturday morning as usual then we went to Jane's after. Had a lovely time at Jane's and Ethan had a fab time playing outside with her children. As we were about to leave to sky went black and it chucked it down with rain so we waited till it had stopped, we really needed that rain.

Today has been a lovely day and we went out to Cyril's Nut Hut (a local soft play area) with Katy, Olivia, Louise and Phoebe. The children had a great time playing together and running around. It was also great to "catch up" with Katy, it must have been about four months since we last did this but seemed like yesterday! It is also Louise's birthday tomorrow and Ethan gave her, her present which she seemed to like - Barbie walkie talkies.

John has been busy with the bathroom and unfortunately didn't quite get the shower up and running. It only needs connecting up and the shower hose rail putting up but it has taken him all afternoon just to drill nine holes through porcelain tiles to attach the shower and shower cubicle frame! So he has done the sealant so it can dry over night and will get it connected and the rail up as soon as he can.

Will take some photos of the bathroom tomorrow and post and also some photos of recent layouts.

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Katy said...

It was great to go to Cyril's again like old times ... will have to do it again before I go back down!

Thank you again for the Walkie Talkies for Lou ... she loves them.

It's a shame John didn't get the shower quite in, hope he managed to get it finished soon for you all to enjoy.