Thursday, July 06, 2006

I have a toilet that works!

The toilet is in and working, I'd almost forgot what is was like having a toilet and having one that flushed!!! John has also got the fittings on the bath too which took him quite a while, that will be plumbed in the morning. Hopefully the sink will go in tomorrow too then we can start getting the tiles on around the bath. After that it will be the rest of the tiles, shower cubicle then lots of finishing off.

And here it is, just taken this photo in the dark as we have no lighting in the bathroom - can't say I've ever taken a photo of a toilet before!

I have my car back too and it's all fixed. The garage have been great and JUST managed to get it sorted today so I have it for my airport run in the morning. My Grandma and Grandad are now on their way back and hopefully the plane won't be delayed.


Ayman said...
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Doha Diary said...

Nice toilet!!!!