Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Easter bunny came

Happy Easter everyone.

Ethan was very excited this morning when he discovered that the Easter bunny had been. He loved the little bits we got him, Chicken Little Easter egg, a little tub of Kid Knex and a bunny photo frame with a photo of him in. He loved playing with his Kid Knex this morning and the photo frame has been put where everyone can see it. Some of the Chicken Little Easter egg and smarties that were inside have been eaten and Ethan also had one of John's little eggs from his SpongeBob Easter set.

My Dad then popped round with 9 Cadbury's creme eggs, 3 each. John has already polished off his 3 eggs and also his SpongeBob eggs and more would have gone if he had them. John's Mum, Dad and brother then came round and delivered 24 more Cadbury's creme eggs, 12 for me and 12 for John. They also got Ethan an Easter stamping set and a box of 5 Mini egg cakes.

There is so much chocolate in the house at the moment and I got a huge Mini egg Easter set from John and Ethan (see photo). Ethan has also got LOTS of other Easter goodies, 2 Chocolate Button eggs, 1 Mini egg, 1 Lindt gold milk chocolate bunny, a BIG car and everything else I've mentioned.

Ethan has had a party this afternoon too so he had a great time there. It was a bouncy castle party and luckily they got lovely weather for it. When I went to pick him up he was sat at the table eating a huge piece of chocolate cake! He came back with a party bag full of lolly pops, sweets, chocolate and a couple of party toys but he will have to save them for another day as he has already had far too much today with it being Easter and going to a party.

John and Ethan are having a bonfire in the back garden soon to burn up some of the wood that has piled up since the work started on the bathroom. I'm sure like last time they did this they will be asking for Coffee, hot chocolate and marshmallows. I will be inside cooking tea for me and John and relaxing.

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