Sunday, April 30, 2006

I haven't stopped

It really has been a mad weekend and hardly had time to sit down. Yesterday I was up fairly early as I need to fill the car up with petrol on the way to taking Ethan to dancing. Thankfully I left myself enough time as half the pumps were out of unleaded at the petrol station. Ethan had an energetic time at dancing and got a little excited at times. There is a little girl who has taken quite a liking to him and she was telling him to come and stand here, walk around here etc. In the end I had to get him to one side and tell him to stop moving around and dance or we'll go home! He was fine then and even though the little girl was still trying to 'encourage' him he just carried on dancing and she went to another child!

I picked up some photos and cards at Tesco's on the home but only just had time as we got held up in traffic on the motorway - rubber neckers at a burnt out car! Once home it was a quick change of clothes, sort out a parcel that needed sending and cards to write.

We then left for John's Mum and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary meal but stopped at the post office on the way so I could post my cousin's birthday present in time for her birthday next week. We arrived at Patchings Farm first and went inside with one of John's brothers and waited for everyone else to arrive. We had a really lovely meal and Ethan ate loads - they didn't do children's portions just adult ones! I had roast beef, Ethan had roast chicken and John had a mixed grill we all had starters and desserts too.

John's Mum and Dad's wanted us to go back to theirs as they had a cake made that they wanted to cut but were taking a detour to Nathan's house to pick something up. We decided to kill a bit of time we would nip to Trowell Garden Centre and pick up some Strawberry plants for our garden. We had loads in our old house and last year we were picking a bowl of strawberry's ever other night so we need to build them up again over the next few years. I picked up a rhubarb plant to go with the one in the garden already, I love rhubarb and have great childhood memories at picking at my Grandma and Grandad's from behind their green house. I used to dip it in sugar (not something you'd do now) and make pies with my Grandad from it. We also got some bird seed to go in the feeder outside on the apple tree, Ethan loves to see all the birds come and the seed doesn't last long!

At John's Mum and Dad's we had cake and chatted for a while. Nathan had to do some work on his new car and John's other brother left fairly soon. Ethan managed to find room for a rather large piece of cake and still wanted to have some of the icing bits - this is after two pieces of garlic bread, roast chicken dinner with stuffing, roast and new potatoes and around 6 different vegetables followed by a banana split made with at least one banana, ice cream, cream and wafers!!!

Once home I nipped over to the neighbours over the road to give them the photos they had taken with my camera of the accident the previous night. They then came over to have a look at John's shed and I left them chatting whilst I went to Jane's.

This morning was quite relaxing, John and Ethan were out in the garden again and I got some tidying up and washing done. Here they are both infront of the completed shed (photo better later than never!). The area you can see to the right hand side is where Ethan's shed will go, the frame is done just the rest to do.

Ethan had Ben's party at lunch time and had a great time. It was at the Beekeeper a local Hardy and Hansons pub with play area and he hadn't been for a while so had a lovely time. This was the second party I have left him at and not stayed, it's a real sign that he's growing up and he was more than happy for me to go and off he went to play.

My Grandad and Grandad have been round this afternoon. It looks like they are going to go over to Virginia to see my Auntie (their daughter) in June. I really excited for them and so glad they have decided to go as they'll have a great time and will be great for them to see the new house. They will however be staying in the Shepherd (named after us) Suite - this is what I have named the top floor of my Auntie's house as she has a table sofa etc up there. I was helping them try and get some good flight prices from the internet. I managed to do this but was only about £100 more than the travel agents at the top of their street so I told them it would be better for them to go with them. They can just book it themselves instead of me having to do it and it's something they are more comfortable with as they have never used the internet. They were also going to take their car and leave it at the airport and drive themselves back. I've put a stop to that straight away and told them I'll be taking and picking them up, driving is the last thing my Grandad wants to be doing after a fifteen plus journey home.

So just chilling out now and catching up on a few things.

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