Friday, April 28, 2006


What a bust day it has been, my days off at the end of the week fly by. This morning Katy came round so we could crop a little, didn't really get that much done! I cooked bacon sandwiches and finished the journaling for a LO I did a while ago and think Katy did a few cards.

After picking Ethan up from nursery we went in the garden for a while and I chatted with our neighbour. Can't you tell the weather is getting better as it seems ages since we spoke. She was out sorting her garden out and Ethan was having a play on his climbing frame etc. She was showing Ethan and I her pond which is full of fish, tad poles and a frog. Ethan loves to have a look and have a chat with the neighbours or though he was a little over excited today and showing off a little.

We then caught the train into town and I did some shopping, just getting some new work clothes and some birthday presents. I looked for some Clarks Doodles for Ethan but they didn't have his size so need to go back when they have a new delivery. Whilst I was in Clarks I got them to check his shoes I got two days ago as they were starting to come away at the front. They are already scuffed at the front I you would expect for a boy playing outside etc but I don't expect to pay £24 for them to start coming away after two days. They did change them as "a good will gesture" and he has a slightly different style now as the sole comes up the front a little more and he now has the "lightening" ones as he calls them - they light up at the back as he walks or bangs them down.

We also had a Baskin and Robbins ice cream which was lovely. Ethan had Very Berry Strawberry with Jelly sweets and I had Jamoca ® Almond Fudge and Cookies 'n Cream. I would usually have hot fudge sauce too but they had none left. It was great especially as it's ages since we had their ice cream - must do it more often!

After even more shopping it was time to get the train home and get all the shopping sorted - it's all still sat there now. Not long after we arrived home a motorbike lost control and hit the back of our neighbours across the road. No one was seriously hurt and luckily there was nobody in the car but the police and an ambulance arrived. They're an elderly family and the car was quite badly damaged at the back compared with the bike, I lent them my camera to take some photos in case they are needed too. Ethan watched the recovery vehicle take their car just before he went to bed he was amazed at how it worked!

Will update blog tomorrow with photos etc - I know I keep saying this but times's running away. Another busy day tomorrow too, Ethan has dancing in the morning then it's back home, change and go out for dinner with John's family for his parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary.

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