Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's my birthday

Well I'm up far too early this morning as I thought I would be, I never usually get chance to turn the computer on never mind put an entry on my blog. Ethan and John woke me up at 6:30am singing Happy Birthday and Ethan was very excited. They got me some GHD straighteners that I have been wanting for ages, I wasn't expecting them though as I'd put a sewing machine and AMM tote on my birthday list! I also got some oil to use with the straighteners and the latest Kelly Clarkson CD, so great presents.

My Auntie in America got me some fab stuff too, some New York things like napkin rings, bottle stopper and cocktail sticks. She also got me the Annie CD and some scrapbooking stuff including the Simple Scrapbooks Clean and Simple book which I've had my eye on and some embellishments - will photograph everything later.

I also got lots of cards and some money which I'm sure will get spent soon! John then cooked breakfast and we all sat down and had American pancakes. It was really nice to sit down together and have breakfast, something we never do as John leaves for work so early.

I need to go and get ready for work, it will be a busy day but should finish at 2:00pm and then will go out for the afternoon.


Katy said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! :)

Miss Sixty said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! :) Didn't know you had a blog, so after you mentioned it at the weekend, I had to come and say hi!