Saturday, April 22, 2006

I now have an en-suite!

It's not quite how it seems though if you look at the photos. If last weeks demolition in the bathroom was bad then I'm lost for words this week. Not only did another wall go in the bathroom but also part of the wall separating the bathroom and our bedroom. It was a cupboard in the bathroom (which meant in our bedroom we lost a little space because of it) which housed the water boiler etc. We now we have a combi boiler which is in the utility cupboard so there was no need for the bathroom cupboard so out it has come to give us more room in our bedroom and a squarer room. The mess and dust in both rooms was just horrendous but John has now tidied up the best he can and that's how we will live for the next month or so. He also tells me we will have to flush the toilet with a bucket of water as from next week because he needs to get the walls plastered (as you can see in the photos it's quite an old toilet!) so he can then get the new toilet in - hopefully this will only be for no longer than a week!!!

(click on photos to enlarge)

I have done another 2 layouts for the UKS Cyber Crop. This one was Kathy's class and is of Ethan playing his guitar that he got for his 2nd birthday and was a class.

This layout is of me a long time ago when I used to dance wearing a new costume and is a challenge to use as much 'bling' as possible!

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Katy said...

Great pics of the work that's going on in your house at the moment ... will be great to look back on when it's all done and you see what you had to live with for a while! :)