Sunday, April 23, 2006

One of those days

The day started with my Dad coming round to sort the electrics out in the bathroom - they really needed making safe quick! He was around most of the morning and we are now able to carry on with the bathroom without wires hanging down from the ceiling.

John and Ethan have been making Ethan's shed which is really taking shape now, he is so excited that'll he have a shed like Daddy. Although things didn't quite go to plan in the middle of the day when the frame fell on John's head after Ethan was climbing on it. John had a cut and headache but apart from that is fine. Ethan however was very upset and didn't want to go back out in case it happened again. After explaining it was just an accident but to be careful he was ok and went back out with John.

This afternoon I did another Cyber Crop layout. This one was a challenge set by Ali Edwards to "create a layout celebrating one of your favorite friends (old or new). Tell the story of your friendship – how did you meet, how has your friendship evolved over time, etc" I really enjoyed doing the layout and was a great opportunity to do something a bit different and more in depth journaling. The photo is of me and Christina at her wedding in June 2004 and is the only photo I have of the two of us there.

Katy then came round and we tried to scrap but the children had different ideas! I managed to finish to layouts that were half done and Katy did get quite a bit done. They went outside with John when he had finished doing his bits and had a great time on the climbing frame and bikes etc.

Had a nice relaxing evening catching up on someprogram'ss I had recorded and also ordered from Capture the Magic as I needed some 6x6 page protectors for my SEI album (I keep layouts of me in this album) which is filling up.

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Katy said...

Lovely layout Lisa. Glad John's head is ok and thanks for having us round ... Martin got lots done again ... shame they didn't all sit nicely to watch the film though!