Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Easter bonnet parade

Well today was the day. I left work early so I could get Ethan from Mum's and get him home to sort everything out before getting him to nursery. I only had about ten minutes to get him changed, get the camera and camcorder and of course the bonnet. We walked to the school and I dropped him off at nursery with all the other children. I then cued up to get into the hall, I sat with another Mum who was going to video it all while I took the photos. We got fairly good seats although the best ones are reserved for teachers, governors and the vicar.

All the children walked round the hall and stage first wearing their Easter bonnets. Nursery were the last to walk round and Ethan looked great in the bonnet he made. It's very difficult to get good photos but think I managed one. All the children then sat on the stage and sung the songs they had been practicing. They sung some as a whole school and then classes did their own. Ethan was great when nursery sang theirs and sung all the way through. I even managed to video most of the show , so was glad I decided to take the camcorder.

The centre photo at the top is the best one I have when he was parading around. The others were taken afterwards whilst walking home.

Just chilled out at home for the rest of the afternoon, apart from a walk to the post box and shop! When John got home Ethan showed him the video of the show, Ethan was very proud of himself and it was great to watch him singing away.

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Katy said...

Glad Ethan enjoyed the parade ... the bonnet looks great!