Monday, April 03, 2006

Easter bonnet, day 2

Well Ethan 's Easter bonnet is coming on, see the photos - look at the concentration on his face in the first one. As soon as I'd had picked him up from the childminders tonight it was home, walk to the shops and at the table to continue with the bonnet. Ethan was very eager to get to get started and the first job was another layer of yellow crepe paper. The is was on to making the nest, I cut the strips of brown card Ethan painted yesterday and Ethan stuck them on round the top of the bonnet. He then had tea and a bath whilst that dried. I then found some yellow shredded tissue paper (usually used for gift bags!) which Ethan used to make the middle of the nest. It was then time for the bit Ethan has been waiting for, to put the bigger chicks in the nest, he will put the smaller ones round the bonnet rim tomorrow.

Back at work today after a few days off last week, still short staffed etc - how much longer will it go on? I had my new annual leave form today so put the holiday to America straight on it, just need to get it signed and it will be official.

Got a parcel in the post today, nothing exciting just some refills for my Herma and a Sakura Gelly roll pen, always nice to get post though.

I've fallen behind with the 21 day challenge but will hopefully catch up later in the week whilst Ethan's at nursery - depending on house work!!!

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