Monday, April 17, 2006

Breakfast with Bunny

We had to get up early this morning and get to the Hard Rock Cafe at 9:30am for Breakfast with bunny. We had a lovely morning and sat with Katy and her family as they had decided to come too. Claire and her family were there too but they were on a different table but we still got chance to chat and Ethan to play with Finlay.

We ate first and had a continental breakfast with croissants, pastries, cereal, yoghurt etc and then a full English breakfast. Ethan ate really well as always although he couldn't stop looking at the TV on wall with the music videos playing.

As you can see Ethan had his face painted as the Easter bunny which he had decided on in the car on the way. He sat so still and serious as it was being done and was very excited after it had been done he had to go and look in the mirror.

The Easter bunny then came out and Ethan had a cuddle and photo taken with him. They then had an Easter egg hunt and Ethan managed to find one small and one large Mars egg. Ethan then enjoyed chasing the Easter bunny with the other children, it wasn't too busy so the children were able to run around which was great.

It was a great morning and Ethan really did have a great time. I was a little disappointed as it had said that there would be egg decorating and games too which there wasn't. I decided not to say anything today but will write a letter to them as that was in with the price and Ethan had been looking forward to that too.

We then did a little shopping in town and I exchanged some jeans I had bought from Next the previous week as they had developed a hole, not what I expect after so little wear. They did change them but I went for a different style to avoid the same problem in future.

This afternoon we have done some spring cleaning in the back room which was long over due. It looks half decent now and a lot more nicer to spend time in. I have also managed a double layout tonight. I can't remember the last time I did a double layout and usually find it difficult to get inspiration for them. I started sorting Ethan's 2-4 year scrapbook album out and I hadn't done a layout for his second birthday so I got the photos out to decide whether I could fit them all on a single page and ended up actually doing the layout and a double one at that!!!

Anyway it's my birthday tomorrow so should get to bed as I will probably be up early opening presents and cards before work. I'm sure Ethan will be so excited and will wake me up so he can help unwrap everything. Katy is having Ethan tomorrow whilst I'm at work which is a big help. Then when I get back in the afternoon we are going to take the children to Crazy Crocs play area. Then Christina will come round in the evening and John will cook us all Chow mein and Egg fried rice :)

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Katy said...

Great pic of Ethan with his 'bunny face' ... look forward to seeing your DLO ... it's so long since you did one!