Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hair cut shop

This is what Ethan calls the barbers, so as you can see we visited there this afternoon and Ethan had his hair cut. He is having nursery photos next week too so just the right time to have it cut. His hair grows so fast but we have a number 3 on the back now so it's not as bad.

I met Jane as usual today and she came round here for lunch. Great to catch up as always and she had been shopping so got to see what she had got.

My photos arrived form Photobox today, I get most of my photos developed here now. They are fab quality, fast delivery and good prices with regular special offers. I got a few 10x8 photos and the rest were 6x4 and mini prints. Just getting some photos ready for Bonanza and to scrap Ethan's latest adventures.

I also got an order through the post that I have waiting for. It was just a few bits, 6x6 pages protectors, a couple of sheets of cardstock and patterned paper and a few pens - which weren't quite what I expected as the tip was a lot thicker compared to other pens in their range. I also ordered a Lil Davis America chipboard coaster for my America journal but it wasn't in the parcel so I have email and waiting for a response.

Then Katy popped round to get her bits from the order and she stayed for a drink and let the children have a play. She is coming round in the morning too so we can do some scrapping, will probably be our last morning crop before she moves :(

John was late home tonight as he went to a meeting at Ethan's school. They call themselves the "friends" of Ethan's school and meet about every month. They help fundraise for the school organize things like the school discos, sponsored walks, summer fairs etc. John has wanted to get involved some how as he doesn't get the chance very often to take or pick Ethan up with working so far away. I think he found it a little strange today with it being his first time and all the others have been involved for a while but it'll get easier as he becomes more involved.

So a very busy day!!!

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Katy said...

It may be our last morning crop while I live here, but not our last one ever ... I'll be back!!