Saturday, April 08, 2006

New clothes

Took Ethan dancing this morning as usual, he got a little tired towards the end but still had a great time. He did brillient rolly pollys this week and tried really hard at hand stands and being a clown! There was no travel sickness on the way home either today so that was a relief.

On the way home we went to Next, I had some vouchers to spend and wanted some more clothes. Managed to get some new slip on trainers for the summer, grey combat type trousers and a top. Also got Ethan a top and some sunglasses - he looks really cool in the sunglasses and wore them all the way home.

Ethan has a party later on this afternoon. I just need to get the presents wrapped and dry and iron Ethan's trousers. He is going to wear the new top we bought from Next today with the trousers and he needs to write the card out before we go too. Will update the party info later.

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