Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Had a great birthday

I've had a lovely birthday and the day just seems to have flown by! Work was busy this morning but it did go quite quickly. I met a few work friends for lunch so it helped break the day up. I left work a few hours early and me and Katy took the children to Crazy Crocs play area. They had a lovely time and Ethan definitely needed to work some energy off.

John cooked a lovely meal tonight of Chow Mein and egg fried rice. My friend Christina came round too and I've had a lovely evening. It was great to catch up with her and sit and have a good girly chat, something we don't get to do often. She has only just gone so it's a quick bath and then bed.

Had some more fab presents and loads of birthday cards (some lovely handmade ones). Katy got me some Maya Road chipboard book plates and stamps which I can't wait to use. Christina got me some jewellery that bought from a recent visit to Hong Kong, she got me some last year and they are great. Also got a little travel bag which will be great for our trip to America and more scrapbooking stuff. A few people have forgotten my birthday, Grandma and Grandad, My cousin and Auntie, hopefully the cards got caught in bank holiday post and will arrive tomorrow.

Will take some photos of my presents and upload them tomorrow.

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