Sunday, April 02, 2006

Easter bonnet

That's been my main job today, helping Ethan make his bonnet ready for the Easter Bonnet Parade at Nursery on Wednesday. We had to go up to Hobbycraft first as we didn't have enough thick card to make the hat, I ended up spending a fortune on more chicks, crepe paper, brown paint, mini pom poms and feathers. The picture is of Ethan putting the glue on ready to stick the crepe paper on. He also painted some of the card so we can make twigs and stuck crepe paper on the whole of his bonnet. Just another layer of crepe paper to do, nest to make, chicks to stick on and feathers to stick on. Will post photos of the completed bonnet and when he is wearing it on Wednesday for his parade.

Also went food shopping today, had to get it done in record time as Grandma and Grandad were coming round. Got all of the usual and a little Easter present for John - won't say what it is in case he reads this!

Grandma and Grandad came round about 3:30pm and bought Ethan a wooded boat but it needs building, a project for him and his Daddy I think. We had cream cakes and gave Grandad his birthday cards ready for Thursday.

John has spent the day on the shed/garage again and managed to get quite a bit done and most of the concrete roof tiles are now on. Here is a photo of the before and I will post a photo of how it is at the moment over the next few days.

Not much else really, bathed Ethan, had a bath myself and cooked tea - cauliflower cheese mash potato, chicken green beans and sweetcorn, it was yummy.

Ethan is now fast asleep in bed after a bedtime story, he was so tired tonight.

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