Saturday, April 01, 2006

Poorly boy

Ethan still has his cough and today he has been sick too. It's awful when children are sick and I hate to see him like that. We were in the car on the way back from dancing and going to watch the planes at East Midlands Airport when he was first sick. I couldn't pull over straight away but once I had pulled over, I managed to get him cleaned up. He managed to see a plane take off before we drove home. Thankfully he slept for most of the way home and John was waiting with the cleaning stuff!!!

I thought he had probably been travel sick as there has been a couple of times he has been sick in the car fairly recently. It seems to be when the suns out even if the weather is cold outside - I did have the air con on in the car though today. He was sick again though this afternoon so who knows if it was just a bug, something that disagreed with him or he is going to suffer from travel sickness at times. One things for sure we will have something on hand in the future, especially in America when we will have some long car journeys.

Dancing this morning was good, Ethan is really growing in confidence and seems to be really enjoying it. Today we went in and while I paid he went and warmed up, something he hasn't done before without some encouragement.

The parcels I have been expecting arrived today which I was pleased about, especially the Sakura Lightening Gelly roll pens. I really needed them for the America journal I am doing. I had started some more on that tonight but had to stop as the printer isn't working. Not happy - seems it needs some more colour cartridges which I thought we had, we haven't so have to order them and wait for them to arrive some time next week.

John's shed/garage is now up, he just has the concrete tiles to put on and some other bits I think. It is quite big but doesn't look as big as I thought it would especially now the doors are on. He just has to fill it, tidy the area up and build Ethan a smaller version with the left over wood. I will post some before and after photos of the bottom of the garden at some point - and the rest of the house>

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Katy said...

Hope Ethan is feeling better very soon and I look forward to seeing a pic of the famous shed!!!!