Monday, April 10, 2006

My new shoes

These are the shoes I bought over the weekend. The pink flip flops are so comfortable and I usually find it difficult to find nice comfortable flip flops. They usually hurt and leave blisters on feet or don't quite fit right. They are from Next clearance so last years stock but they are comfortable so that's all that matters. The others are some slip on trainers, I couldn't decide between these and some pink full trainers. I went for these cause they were more suited to summer and for wearing with skirts and shorts - I may go back for the trainers though!!!

Work today, busy as ever. I stayed and worked a little later tonight to get some bits done as John was picking Ethan up - well was supposed to be. I arrived home just before John arrived home on his own, when I asked where Ethan was he didn't know what I was talking about - then it clicked! So off he went to get him from his parents house.

Just finished a layout I started last night of Ethan with his cousins so will hopefully get another one done tonight.

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