Sunday, April 09, 2006

Greens Windmill

Today we went to greens Windmill in Sneinton. I used to go there as a child and it hasn't really changed that much at all. Ethan has been wanting to go there for ages, everytime we see it when driving by it or near by he asks to go. So eventually we went and took Louise with us who was also very excited. They have a lot of activities going on for children so thought we'd go and do some of those.

We picked Louise up around 10:00am and then drove there. Once there we had a look around the visitors centre and they have all sorts of science things to look at - I remember some of them from when I went there as a child!!! We then did the Easter Egg Hunt in the windmill, it was only 50p. We had to answer questions as we went round the Windmill, starting at the top. The stairs were VERY steep and both Ethan and Louise needed help getting up and down them. We had to find out how many eggs were on each floor as well as answering questions about the windmill and how it works - the answers were on information boards on each of the floors. It was very interesting and the views from the windmill were great, we even saw the sails working a little when the wind picked up. On the ground floor you could have a go at grinding the grains yourself like the mill stone does. They both really enjoyed doing this and was hard to get them away. We then took the quiz sheets in and they got all the questions right so got a little basket with chicks in.

We then went to make Easter gift bags. It was supposed to be for 7 years plus but we helped them out and they really enjoyed doing it and had a bag at the end to put all their bits and pieces in. We saw the guinea pigs that were in the courtyard area and then went for a play on the park. That had changed quite a bit from when I was last there, there used to be a really long slide which is no longer there. We then took some photos of Ethan and Louise in front of the windmill and went back to the centre to have another look round and get a greens Windmill pencil.

It was time to get some lunch then and we eventually decided on McDonald's. They both enjoyed it of course and liked the little toy they got. Before taking Louise home we stopped by Beeston train station to meet my sister off the train. Ethan thought we were just going to see the trains so couldn't believe it when he saw Auntie Michelle.

We then did the food shopping and came home to relax. I also got some more shoes today, these are pink leather flip flops from Next Clearance. I had been looking at some in Next but they weren't very comfortable so didn't bother getting them yet. The pink ones are so comfortable I can't wait to wear them.

I had a quick sleep this afternoon I was just so tired, think the last week is catching up on me. John did some tidying in our bedroom whilst I was asleep. A few things needed fixing, sorting and it was long over due for a spring clean. It is getting used for storing things whilst we are doing up the house so has all sorts of things in there. It will all be worth it when it's done but our bedroom does have some major work ahead of it and it will probably end up being last.

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Katy said...

Thanks again for taking Louise ... she had a great time. Glad Ethan enjoyed himself too. :)