Thursday, April 20, 2006

No rushing around

It was lovely this morning to have no rushing around getting ready for work or nursery. We got ready at our own pace, had breakfast and chilled out. We then went to friends for lunch and Ethan had a great time playing with his friends while I chatted to my friend Jane. She gave me a lovely necklace today for my birthday which is lovely (will post birthday photos in the morning). We took the children to the local park and for a short walk - they needed to work off some energy!.

Didn't get home till around 5:30pm so got Ethan's tea sorted straight away as he was really hungry. Ethan them did some stamping with his new stamps he got for Easter and then it was time for bed.

Almost finished a Christmas layout tonight so will hopefully complete that tomorrow and that can go in Ethan's 2-4 year album which I'm trying to get completed. I didn't start scrapbooking till he was 2 years old so have some catching up to do!

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